Carpe Verum


The Home of Blockchain

Harnessing the full potential of the blockchain technology requires learning, connecting and implementing. Through these pillars, we offer blockchain solutions to various public and private organizations. This new technology will forever change governance and operations efficiency and accountability. Changes in micro-payments, traceability, and data protection are only a few added value offered by this new governance model.

Silverline SV's Vision

Silverline SV ; a group of enthusiasts experienced in Technology, Economics, and Blockchain development.

Silverline sees the Blockchain as a new governance model, allowing individuals to reclaim their rights and ownership through a decentralized peer-to-peer setting that radically changes how we behave individually and socially.

SILVERLINE follows the original Bitcoin Satoshi Vision utilizing the original Bitcoin protocol which ensures scalability along with minimal fees.

This protocol ensures a stable and secure network to run data transactions.

Project Purpose

Silverline SV is a Blockchain solutions consulting firm harnessing the social and technological dimensions of the Blockchain with a strong ecosystem of partners including peers, communities, governments, companies and organizations and industries in the MENA region. 

In addition to being a partner; Carpe Verum aided in designing and implementing Silverline SV’s vision and mission towards a strong Web3 ecosystem in the MENA region